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Mindful Digital Media is an

all-in-one boutique agency designed

to take the pain out of digital marketing

Why Mindful?

mind-ful (adjective) ˈmīn(d)-fəl

conscious or aware ; thoughtful

Truth in Storytelling

Your brand's online presence is the gateway to growing an authentic following that can turn into real business. To find that following you need to tell the true story of who you are as a brand, in visually compelling way, in the language your audience will understand. Whether it's social media, online video content or your website, you have to be everywhere your audience is looking. We speak the language of digital marketing. Let MDM help you tell your story everywhere online. 

Not just 

for profit

In support of The Other 1% initiative, Mindful Digital Media donates a minimum of 1% of our gross earnings each month to charitable causes. 

The concept of The Other 1% is simple: If everyone gave just 1% of their monthly income to a united cause(s), we could radically change the world. The amount of the donation isn’t important. It is the idea that everyone, no matter their earning capacity, begin to consciously give back to the whole each month. In a world where people fight over dollars, we have to foster the idea of letting them go for something bigger than ourselves.




For less than an in-house salary, you can

hire a team of expert brand-builders.



We help establish your online presence and drive website traffic with high-quality, search-engine-optimized, content. We also grow your social community and keep them engaged with authentic, informative, and engaging posts so you can build awareness, loyalty and trust.

Content Production

We create high-impact content that speaks in your company's voice. We get to know your brand inside and out and continually evolve our strategy to ensure your content stays fresh.

Social Media Management

We create and curate engaging content for all your social channels. We post daily, manage your posts, comments, and direct messages. We use our Social Listening software to identify influencers, keywords, hashtags, competitors and so much more. 

Hyper-targeted social media advertising offers your brand the opportunity to reach current and potential customers/clients at every stage of their journey from awareness to purchase. An optimized Facebook advertising strategy is one of the most powerful drivers of revenue growth.  

Media ADS


Use Instagram &

Facebook to increase conversions


Improve your brand awareness using analytics


Design marketing materials that drive sales



Visual content is essential for the growth and development of every brand. We want to tell your unique story through video and help you stand out from your competition. We create video content for your website, social media platforms and anywhere else your brand can be seen online. Everything from client testimonials, music videos, event coverage and even short films. We can do amazing things with a camera. 



Creating bold and original content can help you stand out from the crowd. Our expert creative design team captivates with color and transforms brands through the art of brilliant design. We create graphic content for social media, websites, branding materials and more. 



Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of earning unpaid, organic traffic to increase your website’s ranking in search results. We help you get to the top of Google search results by creating keyword rich content for your website, developing an off-site back-linking strategy and preparing your site for Google's mobile first index. 



Whether you’re ready to grow an idea into a business or simply need a creative refresh, our team is ready to help your brand shine. Our creative services include logo design, print assets, CRM management, email marketing, blog and newsletter writing just to name a few. We know how to bring your story to life through standout content. 



“We don’t make movies to make money, we make money to make more movies.” 
― Walt Disney


Check out our reel

Here's a small sample of some of the video work we've done over the years


​Here are a few brands we've had the pleasure of working with​
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